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Ukrainians Need Your Help

Ukrainians Need Your Help

Our Mission

At HelpTogether we connect those who can help with those who need help the most. We strongly believe that we can stand tall, together, in the face of any adversity. 

People are suffering at this very moment you’re reading this sentence. Become a part of a mission to save the lives of the innocent.

How Do We Help?

US-based non-profit organization HelpTogether was established in response to the war in Ukraine following the goal to help those victimized by this unprecedented aggression.

HelpTogether is partnering with international nonprofits and shipping companies to get needed aid to Ukraine, Poland, and other affected areas faster and in an efficient manner. 

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Partnering Humanitarian Organizations
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Planes of Aid Supplies Delivered to Ukraine
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Workers & Volunteers On This Mission

How Your Donation Will be Used?

Every donation significantly improves the living conditions of war-affected people. Your donation will be used in two different, yet equally important ways.

To Ship Humanitarian Aid Supplies to Ukraine

We partner with international shipping companies to deliver aid supplies from the US to Ukraine as quickly as possible. Part of your donation will cover international logistics costs.

To Purchase Humanitarian Aid Supplies

We buy, sort and ship essential supplies depending on the needs of those affected by war. Part of your donation will be used on buying these supplies.

Fundraising Campaigns to Help Ukraine

Donate to our fundraising campaigns and help provide urgent aid to those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Partnering Humanitarian Organizations

 HelpTogether partners with several, vetted Humanitarian Aid organizations and shipping companies.

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Become a donor to help the victims of war in Ukraine

Let’s unite for the mission to help people affected by the actions of aggressors in Ukraine.

Your donation will save lives of innocent people.